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Barriers to Learning

Ennerdale and Kinniside Primary School 2021/22

Barriers for learning are identified for each child in our school, with a specific focus on our disadvantaged children.  Barriers to learning and individual data is used to identify the specific needs of each pupil..

Issues are seen as barriers to be overcome - not excuses for poor attainment or lack of progress. Barriers to learning are identified for all of our children, including our disadvantaged pupils. Barriers to learning are identified from rigorous data analysis (as well as an understanding of our school’s context) and are addressed as priorities in both our development plan and separate ‘Pupil Premium’ action plan. All staff are made aware of ‘barriers for learning’ for individual pupils. Risk factors for underperformance for our school have been identified.

Risk Factors

As a school we have identified our own risk of underperformance so that we can respond appropriately. We have identified some of our pupils have lower results on entry. Therefore early identification and intervention is vital to help our disadvantage pupils achieve.

Barriers to learning

When identifying barriers to learning, we consider the following for individual children and cohorts:

  • If the child remains on FSM

Our school’s typical barriers are as follows:

  • Difficulties such as poor housing and low income.
  • The farming calendar which means some children may be not getting the full amount of sleep they require or may be absent from school.
  • Parents with stressful occupations who work long hours or away from home for long periods of time.
  • The behaviours of other children in the class.
  • Unsupported learning habits at home e.g. the home may lack resources for learning and pupils may not have had reading modelled to them. The children may not have adequate support for homework.
  • Pupils may have family circumstances or expectations that impact negatively upon their learning and ability to take up extra-curricular opportunities.
  • Social and emotional issues resulting in low confidence and self-esteem.
  • Attendance: Some children’s attendance is low which will impact on their learning.